A nice way to start out the new year, not sure when this site will go live but I’m happy to be the owner of Teddybird.com again. Happy New Year to everyone! Craig

craigcarlisle.com (offline for a week)

Currently I am having my main website craigcarlisle.com redesigned. There will be a few days, maybe up to a week that you’ll get a blank page. The good news is once the upgrade occurs I’ll have a new design and there will be a lot more paintings in the archives. So it won’t just be a selection of 10 paintings from each year. There is a good chance that all the paintings which were documented will be in the new gallery section.

Big Heart Design out of Nashville TN is doing the design and we’ve spent the last year working together on the site. I promise it will be a beautiful site and easy to navigate. Bigheartdesign.com works with non profits and faith based companies mostly, but they contacted me and wanted to branch out a little and work with artists who’s images are inspiring to others.

Another option which will be available in the new design is the ability for You to sign up for enhanced direct communication. Once you sign up and share your address, be it email or home/office, I will be able to deliver notifications to you when I have an exhibit scheduled or other things such as a product, print, painting placed in the Store section. For now, you can come here to the blog and stay current with me.

Even though the country is going through a challenging time I do feel confident and optimistic that ART will remain one venue which lifts our spirits and reminds us that we are very fortunate. My hope and goal is to continue to remind others, and those close to me of this simple reality. I have my hands, my heart, my mind to carry the message (through art), what is yours, and are you willing to share your gift with others? Let’s all leap beyond!


Big Head Truck 1995-1997

For those who lived in Columbus Ohio in the mid 90’s might remember the Big Head truck and enjoy the reminder of the traveling painting. The original version of the painting was created to be an advertisement for my exhibit which had the words (Little Head Paintings, Coffee Table-July 1995) painted on the background.

After the show was over I removed the ad/text and kept the painting, updating different versions about every 6 months, keeping it fresh until I left Columbus for NYC in 1997. Many people thought the truck was mine, but it wasn’t. It belonged to my friend Scott.

This Polaroid is one of the few photos taken of the Big Head Truck. This was the ‘second version’ of the Big Head truck painting.

The photo of me and Scott (Red Beard) is the original version of the Big Head which shows the advertisement for my exhibit at The Coffee Table.

This photo of the back of the truck without people is the last photo taken, and is the ‘final version’ I painted in 1997 days before I moved to NYC.

Next is a photo the Columbus Dispatch took to promote First Night Columbus (New Years Eve) in Dec. 1995. I had designed the poster for the event but knowing the photo would run on the front page of the Dispatch I quickly called Scott and told him to get his truck over to us so we could use it for a backdrop.

Palm Springs

I wanted to let my clients know that I packed up the studio in LA and moved just down the road to the desert, relocating to Palm Springs. You can still contact me via email and if you have my cell phone which didn’t change.

Email change August 16th

Please take note that my personal email address is changing (August 16th). You can begin using the new temporary email as of today. The new email address to use is: cc5164@gmail.com The old email address which you are tossing away forever is: craigcarlisle@ca.rr.com

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