Tubby Picking a Bouquet, 11″x14″, Acrylic on Panel

This painting will be exhibited in my April show in Columbus at Sharon Weiss Gallery. Inquiries can be made by emailing me or calling Sharon Weiss Gallery, 614-291-5683. More paintings will be posted as I complete them for this exhibition.

Finished! Re:A new Big Head (Oil on Canvas – 24″x30″)

Once this oil painting is dry, it’s going into a crate, and then FedEx’d to Sharon Weiss Gallery.

Another Client Shows their Collection!

Are you next? I would love to see how you have displayed yours. The owner of this 7 foot tall Big Head painting sent me an email with the photo attached. I love this style of displaying large art, leaning it against the wall. I happen to have a few displayed the same way in my home. It looks great Jason! This one on paper is from the series of a dozen Big Heads on paper I did back in 1994.

Some Old Big Heads Resurface

As you may know, I love it when a client contacts me to share their experience with the painting they own. Some send a photo of the painting hanging in their home, others just mention which painting they have and kindly send along a photo. I’ve done so many paintings so sometimes it takes a little more, like a photo to kick-start my memory. Recently i received the following two photos, of two very early Big Head paintings. Ironically they both happen to be residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. I just love knowing that these two paintings ended up living a short 7 miles from one another, and they don’t even know it, or do they.

The first is titled Heart Shaped Head, Oil on Canvas, 58″ x 48″.
The second is called Green Head with Red Background, Oil on Canvas, 56″ x 46″.

If you want to share a photo of your painting in your home and how you are displaying it, or how you framed it, i will be happy to post it here in my Blog.

New painting wood box

Little Head
Old wood box is 10″ x 7″ , Oil Paint on Wood.

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