One week and counting for the opening at SWG

I hope you can attend the opening reception if you are in Columbus on April 4th. I will love to share my new art with each one of you.

Big Head with Big Blue Eyes

Big Head with Big Blue Eyes, Oil on Paper, 24″ x 20, 2008.

This new Big Head painting will be exhibited at Sharon Weiss Gallery. It’s an oil painting on paper and it is framed in black wood.

The “pre-sales” are active and I am getting quite a few requests via email, so please if you have fallen in love with a certain painting it
is better to contact myself or Sharon so you don’t lose your chance to own it.   I should be displaying the second Big Head in a day or two here on my blog.  This next one will be an Oil on Canvas, 24″ x 30″.

Love and Peace! Craig

Sharon’s phone: 614-291-5683

My email:

Happy Freckles

New for April Exhibition in Ohio, Happy Freckles, 8″ x 10″, Acrylic on Panel, 2008

Mosaic Head

Acrylic on Panel, 8″ x 6″, 2008

On Sale Now.. You better hurry.

“Double Head with Floral Arrangement”, 48″x 72″, Oil on Canvas,

I just got word that one of my old Big Double Heads has arrived at Sharon Weiss Gallery. Evidently the owner of the painting is selling it. After speaking with Sharon on the phone this evening i was told about the flurry of activity around this painting. Some people were asking her to separate the two and sell them individually. Thank you Sharon for not doing that!!!

The painting is two 48″ x 36″ canvas’s bolted together to make one beautiful story.

I originally did this painting to celebrate the relationship I was in at the time. There is a story in this painting, how the masculine Head plucked the most beautiful flower from his
lovers Head. In doing so he felt he was taking something which represented her beauty. He parades around with the flower, showing it off to all the viewers. He wants everyone to know he is proud of her beauty. But there is a little problem happening, she is upset because he dared to pick the most beautiful flower she had grown! It was her elegance and grace and he plucked it without even
thinking how she would feel.

I then bolted them together and created the story of the Heads with flowers.

It’s for sale at Sharon Weiss Gallery 614-291-5683.

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