Some Old Big Heads Resurface

As you may know, I love it when a client contacts me to share their experience with the painting they own. Some send a photo of the painting hanging in their home, others just mention which painting they have and kindly send along a photo. I’ve done so many paintings so sometimes it takes a little more, like a photo to kick-start my memory. Recently i received the following two photos, of two very early Big Head paintings. Ironically they both happen to be residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. I just love knowing that these two paintings ended up living a short 7 miles from one another, and they don’t even know it, or do they.

The first is titled Heart Shaped Head, Oil on Canvas, 58″ x 48″.
The second is called Green Head with Red Background, Oil on Canvas, 56″ x 46″.

If you want to share a photo of your painting in your home and how you are displaying it, or how you framed it, i will be happy to post it here in my Blog.

New painting wood box

Little Head
Old wood box is 10″ x 7″ , Oil Paint on Wood.

Starting Big Head #2, 30″x24″

For those of you who wrote emails to me wishing the other Big Head wasn’t spoken for, guess what, this morning (Saturday) I began Big Head #2. I will post more as the paint is applied.

Poster updated

Many know I am selling posters which I have from past exhibits.I wanted to make a note that I updated the Poster page today.The new one (First Night) is extremely limited, I don’t know of any available, this is just one i had in my collection. I designed this poster for “First Night Columbus” in 1995 for the New Years Eve Celebration 1996. It measures 18×24″.

Collage from the year 1994

I was browsing through some of my older work the other day and came across this cool collage I did back in 1994. The collage is a mix of clippings and photos I took on a trip to San Francisco in 94. The collage itself measures 11″x7″. However I have framed it which makes the frame size 15″x12″. The art is floating on a white mat and the backside of the frame has an easel so it can stand on a table, or you can always hang it if desired.

Update* Sold (Nashville TN)